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Teething gels don’t work well and are removed shelves

After much deliberation on the subject, a decision has been formally made by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency to remove products containing lidocaine. Furthermore, it reports that these products containing the substance lidocaine should only be used as a last resort. The MHRA also recommends that parents should try non-drug options first, such as rubbing their babies gums. Baby teething gels, such as Bonjela are to be taken off supermarket...

child brushing teeth, tips

How to keep your children’s teeth healthy

On this page we look at seven ways to keep your child's mouth and teeth healthy, it is important to educate kids early so that the process is fun but encompasses proper cleaning practices and techniques.    Riverside Dental's Seven Tips For How to keep your children's teeth healthy One, Start Tooth Care Early From the moment the first tooth appears, get your infant used to the idea of a tooth care routine,...

riverside dental team

Five reasons to choose Riverside Dental

When looking for a new dentist you want to make sure you select the best, but how do you make sure you are choosing the top private dentist in Norwich? Riverside Dental is one of the finest private dentists in the city and our reputation confirms this. But how did we get this reputation and why does it mean you should choose us? Reviews A recent survey found that 84% of people...

itero element scanner wand

iTero Element Scanner for Invisalign 

Riverside Dental is one of the first practices in Norwich to offer the iTero Element Scanner for Invisalign In this article, we briefly look at what Invisalign is, and how it can help you. We also explain what the Invisalign Itero Element Scanner is and why this is such exciting news for you and our patients at Riverside Dental Norwich. Firstly what is Invisalign? Invisalign treatment is the process of providing one or...

enamel regeneration story by sky news

Enamel regeneration breakthrough, could this be the end of tooth decay?

Enamel regeneration breakthrough, could this be the end of tooth decay? - Scientists claim it might be! Dental researchers claim that they can now trigger the tooth enamel regeneration - the growth of crystals in a breakthrough which could have global implications - According to Sky News. Developing a material that will help regenerate the tooths enamel and prevent decay and subsequent sensitivity. The hardest tissue on our teeth is enamel, this...

rotten teeth pictures by the sun

Rotten Teeth Pictures Could Cut Obesity Levels in the UK

Rotten Teeth Pictures Help Reported in the national press, and online, it appears there is real evidence that graphic images on sugary drinks bottles, similar to those found on cigarette packets, it is believed could help fight obesity, according to a new study recently conducted. As described by the Sun, the survey of 1,000 people aged 18 to 35, found they were 36% less likely to buy a sugary drink if it...

smiling lady at an exhibition

Seven Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Before An Event or Exhibition

In this article, we investigate seven ways to lighten your smile. We all like to look great when we are attending an exhibition and when representing ourselves or our companies. Riverside Dental have put together seven simple ways you could whiten teeth at home. Most people like to visit their dentist for teeth whitening procedures, and of course, we would recommend this, however, there are a few at-home quick-fix alternatives you could...

sedation dentistry Norwich

Sedation Dentistry

  image credit:  eagle harbour dental -  USA Sedation Dentistry, for a variety of dental procedures, such as fillings, crowns, bridges most are carried out using a local anaesthetic. A needle with anaesthetic is injected into or close to the area which is being treated. However, some patients find this extremely unnerving it elevates their stress and makes them very anxious if you are nervous about visiting the dentist then sedation in Norwich may...

10 things that will help you to keep your teeth white

Why are white teeth important? Your teeth form part of your face which sounds obvious but as it is one of the primary areas a person will look when they engage you in conversation they are an important part of your appearance and as such require that you pay them a great deal of attention. If none of the ideas on this page out right for you, call us and we will...

teeth veneers image

How much do teeth veneers cost?

In this post, you will learn about teeth veneers, what they are, why they could be needed, how they are fitted and the best ways to care for your new teeth. First, we need to look at why veneers might be required? Sometimes a tooth or teeth veneers are required when the exterior of the tooth enamel is so degraded it cannot be made presentable by your dentist. However in most modern...