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teeth whitening in Norwich

Get a whiter, brighter and more attractive smile with teeth whitening Norfolk

After having crooked teeth all my life I've just completed Invisalign teeth straightening at Riverside Dental, followed by whitening and then Bioclear procedure to fill a chip in my front tooth I've lived with for 50 years, I can now smile without self-consciousness and know that my teeth look white, straight & great! I'm so happy with the finished result, can't thank you enough Bim, excellent treatment throughout, thanks also to hygienists & reception staff. Would recommend Riverside Dental Practice to anyone.

Dawn Ramsden

Cost of teeth whitening

private price

from £490

Dental plan discount


Treatment time

On average

Treatment time for teeth whitening varies between patients, but you could start to see an improvement in the colour of your teeth after just one session.

Teeth whitening at Riverside


  • A leading teeth whitening dental practice

    Riverside Dental is a leading dental practice for teeth whitening in Norfolk, our dentists have extensive clinical and teaching experience in whitening.

  • Direct or referral patients

    Due to our dentists clinical and teaching experiences in teeth whitening, we accept direct patients and referrals from other Norfolk dentists, both for whitening and other cosmetic procedures.

  • Remove stains and discolouration

    Teeth naturally becomes discoloured and even stained over time. Whitening removes these so that your teeth look fresher and more attractive.  

  • Internal and external tooth bleaching

    We are pleased to be able to offer tooth whitening for both internal and external staining. This means we can lighten teeth where aging or dental treatments have caused the inner dentin to darken.

  • Custom-made whitening trays ensure precision

    Our whitening trays are custom designed based on impressions of your teeth, ensuring precise and consistent whitening across your smile. 

  • Free consultation

    If you would like to improve the colour of your teeth, book a free teeth whitening consultation with our Norwich dental team now.  

What your teeth whitening

treatment cost includes

Before and after photographs

To help you see the improvement in your smile, your treatment will include before and after teeth whitening photographs. 

Your whitening trays and whitening gel

We use in-house technicians to make your bespoke whitening trays that will fit perfectly over your teeth, and you’ll be provided with the whitening gel too.

Full instructions

The whitening trays are worn at home, and our Norwich teeth whitening dentists will explain what you need to do to use them successfully. They’ll also be on hand to answer any questions that you have about the process.

book a free teeth whitening

consultation today

If you want to enjoy a whiter, brighter smile you can book your free consultation with our Norwich teeth whitening team today by calling 01603 920 313.

What your teeth whitening

treatment cost includes

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is the most popular elective dental procedure in the world. It involves the use of bleaching chemicals to break down staining both outside and inside the tooth to make your smile look brighter, whiter and more attractive. 

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening relies on whitening gel being applied to the teeth. There are several techniques for this, but one of the most effective is to use whitening trays. These are filled with bleaching agent and then placed over the top of teeth and left in place so that the bleach can break down discolouration and staining. 

What causes teeth to darken or become stained?

There are many different things that contribute towards tooth discolouration and staining. These include:

  • Aging, which causes the dentin of the teeth to darken.

  • Smoking, since nicotine stains teeth yellow.

  • Coffee, tea and red wine.

  • Eating coloured foods, like berries.

  • Having dental issues or treatments

What are the benefits of teeth whitening?

There are a range of benefits associated with teeth whitening. The procedure itself is minimally invasive and painless, and it is very affordable when compared to alternatives like veneers. Once your teeth are lighter and whiter, you will feel much more confident in the appearance of your teeth and your smile, and this confidence could benefit other areas of your life too. Many people believe that people who have whiter teeth also look younger and more attractive.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

Teeth whitening is a painless procedure, and no anesthetic is required. Some patients may find that their teeth feel sensitive after treatment, and your Riverside Dental team will be able to advise you what you can do to reduce the risk of this happening. 

How long will the results of my teeth whitening treatment last?

Your whitening dentist will advise you of the best way to preserve the results of your treatment, and by following these and taking good care of your teeth, they could stay white, bright and looking fantastic for years to come. 

Cost of teeth whitening treatment at Riverside Dental

Teeth whitening at Riverside Dental starts at £490.. If you are over the age of 21, you may be eligible for one of our simple financing plans* which could help you to spread the cost of your smile improvement. 

*Term and conditions apply.

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