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Enjoy better oral health, book an appointment with a dental hygienist in Norfolk

Went to get my teeth scaling done and Amy was very good in what she does. She constantly checks on me during the process to make sure I was feeling fine. Which definitely makes me feel assured that I am in the right place to get my teeth sorted.

Kuan Yee Hooi

Dental hygienist at Riverside


  • Specially trained hygienists

    Our award-winning team comprises of two specially trained hygienists who are dedicated to improving the oral health of our patients.

  • Appointments at a time suit you

    We understand that fitting dental appointments into a busy schedule can be tough. We offer early morning, evening and weekend appointments to help you to continue to prioritise your oral health. 

  • Riverside dental plans available

    The cost of your hygienist appointments could be covered if you opt for a Riverside dental plan

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Dental hygienists play an important role in dental health care. Their role is primarily concerned with preventative care, which focuses on keeping dental problems at bay, and the treatment of gum disease.

This is particularly important since gum disease is just as common as dental decay. It also has the potential to have much more serious consequences for your oral health, from infection to tooth loss. Our Riverside Dental hygienists are specially trained to work as part of our team and liaise closely with our general dentists to keep your teeth and mouth as clean and healthy as possible.

Hygiene procedures

The best way to maintain exceptional oral health is to have regular visits with your hygienist. In addition to professional dental cleans, they can also monitor your teeth for signs of gum disease and carry out deep cleaning that can reverse the early signs of the condition. Find out more about our hygiene procedures by speaking to our team.

hygiene procedures

Gum disease and dental education

Gum disease and dental decay often go hand in hand, but far fewer people realise what this condition is, it’s consequences for their oral health and how they can prevent it. Our experienced hygiene team understand how to spot the early signs of gum disease and provide the necessary treatment. They can also provide you with invaluable education on how to keep your teeth and mouth as healthy as possible.

gum disease and dental education
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If you have any questions about why it’s important to visit the hygienist or to book an appointment with our experienced hygienists please contact our friendly, experienced Norwich dental practice today by calling 01603 920 313



Does every dental practice have a hygienist?

Not all dental practices have a hygienist. Here at Riverside Dental, we raise the standards of dental care we offer our patients by having two hygienists who are dedicated to improving the oral health of our patients. 

Can children benefit from seeing a hygienist?

Yes. Just like adults, children can also benefit from having their teeth professionally cleaned several times each year. Hygienists also play an essential role in dental education and helping children to develop tooth-friendly habits that they can take into adulthood and will help them to maintain exceptional oral health for their entire lives. 

Can a dentist do what a hygienist does?

A dentist is perfectly capable of performing professional dental cleaning, like a scale and polish. However, in our experience dental hygienists do a much better job. This is because they are solely trained in this area and spend the majority of their working day honing their skills and experience by focusing on this task.

What services does a hygienist offer?

Hygienists can help patients with a range of dental issues that may be based on issues with their oral hygiene including bad breath, healthy eating, scaling and polishing, brushing and flossing techniques and gum disease. Their role is to help you to maximise your oral health through your own understanding of how to take care of your teeth and supporting you with the tools and techniques you need to achieve this. 

What are the benefits of visiting a hygienist?

There are a range of benefits associated with visiting your hygienist:

  • Your hygienist can help you to preserve your natural teeth by keeping them and the structures supporting them healthy.

  • Keep your teeth looking healthy and attractive.

  • Prevent bad breath.

  • Reduce your risk of gum disease.

  • Teach you how to brush and floss your teeth properly.

  • Help your child to build good dental habits to take into adulthood

Cost of dental hygienist at Riverside

A visit to your Riverside hygienist starts at around £97 per appointment. However, if you opt to take out a Riverside dental plan, your plan will cover the cost of two hygienist appointments each year. You can discover more about Riverside dental plans here*.

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