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dentures - An immediate replacement for missing teeth

Replace your missing teeth and find your smile again with dentures in Norfolk

I came in after losing confidence in my regular dentist at a different practice.  My first appointment I was checked over and given a confident explanation of my issues and a thought out treatment plan. I've now started the plan and had a fantastic experience so far. Very professional and calm which instantly puts me at ease. Highly recommend.

Stuart Spencer

Cost of dentures

Monthly, 12 months

£126.75/month (0% interest)

Monthly, 5 years

£32.32/month (10.9% APR)
*Based on partial acrylic denture upper (up to 12 teeth) and lower (up to 12 teeth)

Treatment time

Dentures usually require between four and six appointments, each between seven and ten days apart.

Dentures at Riverside


  • Experienced cosmetic and restorative dentists in Norfolk

    Your smile is in safe hands with our experienced cosmetic and restorative Norwich dentists. 

  • Bespoke high quality dentures

    Every denture is created to the exact specifications required to suit the individual needs of each patient, ensuring the perfect fit and exceptional comfort. 

  • Restore the function and beauty of your teeth

    Don’t let missing teeth affect your quality of life or confidence. Dentures are an effective functional and aesthetic solution. 

  • An immediate replacement for missing teeth

    Dentures can be fitted straight after teeth have been taken out so nobody need to know you’ve had your natural teeth replaced.

  • Interest-free payment plans

    Spread the cost of your dentures with one of our flexible payment plans that mean that you don’t need to live with a less-than-perfect smile.

What your Dentures

treatment cost includes

Before and after photographs

We take images of your teeth both before and after you’ve received your dentures, illustrating just how much your restoration has improved the appearance of your smile.

Your dentures

Whether you have a full or partial denture, the cost of your appliance will be covered in your treatment. Please note that if your denture requires maintenance or becomes damaged, further costs may be incurred. 

The procedure and aftercare

All of your appointments and everything that they entail will be taken care of, from taking the impressions that will be used to create your dentures to the appointment after they have been fitted to check how you are getting on with them. 

book a free dentures

consultation today

Dentures are a tried and tested method of replacing missing teeth. Book your free consultation with our experienced dental team today and find out if dentures could be the perfect smile-restoring solution for you. Call or Norwich dental practice on 01603 920 313 to get started.   


treatment cost includes

What are dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth that are built into a gum-coloured mould that sits over the top of your gums. They are designed to replicate the function and appearance of natural teeth, although they will never feel just like your own. However, they are an effective way to replace missing teeth without compromising your quality of life or the way that your smile looks. Dentures can even enhance your overall appearance and give you more confidence in the way that you look.  

Are dentures removable?

Dentures need to be removed for cleaning and your dentist will show you how to do this. However, this is the only reason for removing them, and you should keep them for the rest of the time. 

What is the process to receive dentures?

The process to get dentures takes place over several steps:

  • Your dentist will take impressions of your mouth which will be used to make plaster models for the denture to be built onto.

  • The technician will then make wax blocks which fit the plaster models. These are trimmed by your dental surgeon to show the technician how the teeth should come together when you close your mouth, and the shape to make the denture. Your dental surgeon will also advise what shade the dentures should be so that they closely match the colour of your gums and any natural teeth.

  • A trial denture will be made for you to try. Your dentist will ask you how it fits, feels and looks before any changes are made.

  • The denture will go back to the technician who will permanently attach the teeth to it so that it is ready to use.

Do I need a full or partial denture?

If you have just a few missing teeth, you will probably be recommended to have a partial denture. Meanwhile a full denture is necessary if you have an entire arch of missing teeth. 

What are the benefits of dentures?

Dentures are a great way to restore the function and appearance of your smile when you have lots of missing teeth. Some of the benefits of dentures include:

  • Enabling you to enjoy all foods without compromise

  • Dentures can stop any remaining teeth shifting position and affecting your bite

  • Remaining teeth are protected from uneven wear and tear

  • Dentures can be fitted as soon as teeth have been removed

  • Dentures look and act just like natural teeth

How long does a denture last?

Provided that you look after it and clean it properly, a denture should last you for many years. However, it is important to be aware that without natural teeth, the shape of the jaw can change over time. If this happens, you may need to have your denture altered or even remade to ensure that it fits correctly. 

Cost of dentures at Riverside Dental

Dentures at Riverside Dental start at £845 depending on which type you have. We have a range of flexible payment options* which will enable you to spread the cost of your treatment should you wish to. This could help you to replace your missing teeth more quickly. 

*Term and conditions apply.

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