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Dental services in Norfolk including hygienist, root canal, fillings and dental emergencies

When people ask for recommendations for a dentist, I’m always pointing them in the direction of Riverside dental! I hadn’t been to a dentist for years before joining at riverside due to bad experiences in the past etc. The whole team are brilliant and friendly, I’ve seen Bim for teeth whitening and for fixing a small chip in my front tooth. He talked me through the whole process and was very informative. It’s also the first time I’ve ever seen a hygienist, also highly rate them too. I’m so happy that I joined Riverside!

Rebecca Jayne

general dentistry at riverside

at a glance

  • Award winning Norfolk dentists

    Riverside Dental have been awarded WhatClinic’s Outstanding Customer Service Award for four consecutive years, and have been voted in the top 3 practices in Norwich by Threebestrated. When you choose us for your general dentistry treatments, you are in safe and skilled hands.

  • A selection of dental specialists

    In addition to our practice principal, Dr Bim Sawhney, we have a team of skilled and experienced specialists including an in-house oral surgeon, endodontist and hygienists on hand to provide the care that you need. 

  • Wide range of general dentistry services

    We are committed to ensuring your smile is as healthy as it is beautiful. Our general dentistry services include dental check-ups, hygienist appointments, fillings, root canal treatment and dental emergencies. 

  • Interest-free payment plans

    High quality dental care doesn’t have to be unaffordable. Our flexible payment plans enable you to spread the cost of your treatment and get the dental treatments that you need without delay. 

check ups

Patients of all ages should attend regular check-up appointments with their dentist, even if they don’t believe that there are any issues with their teeth. Dental problems don’t always cause obvious symptoms right away, and by visiting your dentist regularly, they can closely monitor the health and condition of your teeth and mouth. This enables any developing issues to be detected early, often before they cause symptoms and require expensive or invasive treatment. 



Cavities are one of the most common problems to affect our teeth. They occur when we fail to brush and floss our teeth properly and decay is allowed to erode the outer layers of the teeth, causing a hole to develop. Eventually, cavities can become very painful, and the tooth can even become infected if treatment isn’t provided. Fillings are the first line of treatment for dental cavities and are regularly performed here at Riverside Dental practice Norwich. 



Dental emergencies can occur at any time and patients often find themselves needing urgent care outside of their dentist’s usual office hours. A dental emergency can encompass anything from severe toothache, a broken restoration to a knocked out tooth. Fortunately, we operate an emergency dental service which means that our patients can receive the exemplary quality dental care that they need when they need it most.


You can find out more about our general dentistry treatments by checking out their individual treatment pages or by calling 01603 920 313.


Hygienists are dedicated to preventative dental care, including keeping gum disease at bay. They achieve this by helping you to keep your teeth and mouth as clean and healthy as possible. They also help to educate patients on the best techniques for maintaining exceptional oral health. Our two dental hygienists are specially trained to work with our general dentistry team to deliver the very highest levels of patient care.


Root Canal

If you have an infection in the root of your tooth, you will need root canal treatment. This important procedure doesn’t have the best reputation, but when it is performed with care and precision, it’s no more invasive or traumatic than any other dental treatment. It is also the only way of saving an infected tooth from falling out or extraction. Our experienced endodontist will do everything possible to help you retain your natural teeth and smile.

root canal