July 11, 2017

My experience from the first time I walked through the door has been extremely positive and my teeth have not looked or been this good for many years. My recent treatment (a crown) was carried out with the utmost care and skill and looks great.

Kevin Supple


Mexico’s ‘Molar City’ – Find out where Americans are going to get affordable dental treatments

Dropping over the Mexican border Mexican dentists are offering treatment to those that can not afford the high prices in the US.

There has been a lot of reports over the last 18 months about Mexicans trying to pass into the US, but less is reported on the considerable numbers of US citizens trying to go the other way, to Los Algadones, a Mexican Town.

Many of these ‘cosmetic tourists’ have taken several flights or driven for hours to receive this treatment. The major US cities can’t seem to provide affordable dental care.

A Dentist at work in Molar City, Mexico

The saving potential is thousands of Dollars. It’s reported that promoters, wearing scrubs patients with bright smiles and appealing offers. Once you agree there offer, you are quickly led off, to finalise the deal to save thousands of dollars.

This is an appealing opportunity for the elderly, but families too. There is a whole street lined with dentists; their waiting rooms are full of US patients. This is all despite Donald Trump’s reporting of rape and robberies occurring to tourists in Mexico.

Algadones is a city that was built on caring for teeth flourishing because its neighbour places a high price on a healthy smile, catalogue smile!

Rich US patients spend more than £1bn a year getting whiter teeth. Some less fortunate patients are forced to wait in long lines at charity clinics and hospital emergency rooms, to treat their often neglected rotten and painful teeth. This amplifies the economic divide within this super power; the result is that instead of expensive root treatments or crowns, they opt to have them pulled out instead.

It is documented by the National Association of Dental Plans, that around 114 million Americans don’t have dental insurance, of this number, 46.3 million of these people aged 65 or older.

Some of these US citizens still can’t afford this discounted dental work and return home unsuccessful. During winter months as many as 6000 people come to Molar City each day. The locals call these cosmetic tourists “snowbirds”.

The reach of this appealing treatment goes as far as Alaska, Canada and all over the US.

The really crazy thing is that, for some, it is cheaper to take a flight and hire a car than get treatment from a dentist in America. – We think this is so wrong.

A treatment costing 16,000 in the US could cost as little as 2000 in Mexico.

Cutting dental costs is not a priority of either political party in America, as dentistry is viewed as a luxury. Riverside Dental’s price list can be found here

In the winter, up to 6,000 people come to Molar City each day. The Dental Association has warned changes to the Medicaid social health care programme could mean poorer families and children lose what little coverage they do have.

Sky News reports that ‘Dr Celsa Salmeron says 98% of her patients come from America.’ So too do her materials, she says.

America’s price heavy dental system has created Molar City, with no sight of any plans to tackle the cause of the problem.

Here is a price comparison
Crown and implant: Mexico: $190; US: $600
Implants: Mexico: $1,100; US: $4,000

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