December 28, 2017

My experience from the first time I walked through the door has been extremely positive and my teeth have not looked or been this good for many years. My recent treatment (a crown) was carried out with the utmost care and skill and looks great.

Kevin Supple


Dental insurance and dental plans, such as Denplan, cover your visits to the dentist, they also help to pay for any dental care you receive. Dental Plans usually cover a hundred percent of the preventative procedures, such as your checkup, cleaning and some can include x-rays. After this, there is a tiered system of the amount you will pay for fillings, crowns, root canals. Some plans will also encourage cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and veneers with Dentists like Riverside dental providing discounts on the more expensive treatments, with massive savings on these services.

When you start a plan, there can be a minimum period before the plan will begin to pay for fillings and other similar services, this can vary subject to the specific plan.

So Is Dental Insurance Worth It Then?

Yes in short, if you are intent on private dental treatment, then a plan is a positive way to help manage the costs. Riverside Dental recommends Denplan, this is a comprehensive widely accepted plan, which we implemented over our own Riverside Dental plan, around 18 months ago. As with any arrangement you should carefully read your paperwork to determine if the benefits are worth the cost. Some dental plans have low coverage limits. This means that the plan will pay for dental work up to a certain amount then everything after that is paid for, so consider your historic dental health, then work out if your maximum benefit amount is on par with your premium. If so, then, the dental insurance may not be worth it – Ask your dentist for their honest opinion?

The insurance company may be open to negotiating a lower rate for the core services that you receive, just like health insurance. This is worth looking into as it might save a bit more on your dental costs.

How Do I Use My Dental Insurance?

If you are genuinely interested in a dental insurance plan, then read about Denplan. We have a free downloadable document that will help explain the main options and benefits from the various plans, including children and adults.

Denplan type insurance may require pre-approval for dental work other than a checkup. Before you agree to undergo any work with your dentist, it is very important to speak with your insurance provider or to Riverside Dental as this will ensure that you are not left with costs you were not expecting.

Denplan will submit the claims for you in advance and call Riverside Dental to verify before you go to your dentist. In some situations, if there is is an emergency procedure you need to be completed, call the insurance directly.

Where Can I Get Dental Insurance?

Sign up at Riverside Dental, or direct with Denplan. It is possible to request information from reception and discuss the options with us.

Regular dental care is crucial as it can prevent more serious medical conditions escalating or going unnoticed. A cavity should be treated if not, the weakness could see you needing a tooth extraction or removal.

We hope that this article has helped point out the essential considerations of dental insurance and encouraged you to continue to investigate.