July 21, 2017

My experience from the first time I walked through the door has been extremely positive and my teeth have not looked or been this good for many years. My recent treatment (a crown) was carried out with the utmost care and skill and looks great.

Kevin Supple


Okay, so it might be a little bit niche but dentist and nurse themed slot games do exist!

Obviously, we do not condone gambling but, it is interesting to see how the gaming industry is catering for all interests with a host of niche themes. There are slot games for fishing, for seashells, for shoes, for  Jewels and now for dentists and nurse themed online slot games! Reviewed by slot site, Play-Slots.com and other slot sites, where tips and guides help steer you in the right direction.

nurse themed slots

Crazy Dentist, Slot Game

So we found this interesting online slot called crazy dentist, which was quite interesting as you win and progress by improving your dental hygiene. To do this you must match the reels as you would a traditional slot game, to secure larger rewards you place the extra to increase your payouts. This all feels like an odd theme for a game, but the systems and symbols begin to feel quite comfortable after just a few spins.

Prepare for Your Dental Check-Up

this game,  crazy dentist might seem a little spooky at first,  that slot is very familiar and behaves very traditionally.

The game matrix has 5 reels and a maximum of 25 paylines.  The prizes are triggered every time a combination of identical symbols (such as teeth) appear on an activated payline,  highlighted by a graphical user interface.

Regular Brushing is Key to success

The numerous reel symbols of Crazy Dentist all have something to do with dentistry and dental hygiene, so a rather unusual configuration for a slot game, but none the less it makes this quite interesting.

The common symbols are the various sorts of toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss and magnifying glass, which are a clearly identifiable even to non-professionals. The rewards from these combinations,  which should contain 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols aligned, range from 5 to 100 credits.

Despite the numbers of these symbols you see in the game it can still be generous with payouts.

The rarer dental equipment such as the dentist chair, the tweezers, a tooth and smile icons are less prominent and therefore more valuable. Of course, the dentist himself is the most interesting symbol of the game, with rewards going up to 2,500 credits, which promise real opportunity for larger wins.

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