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If the thought of seeing the dentist sends chills down your spine, you are avoiding a check up or worse some much needed dental work then we advise you discuss this with our experienced friendly team, to put your mind at rest.

As one of Norwich’s most esteemed Private Dentists, we are well known for our customer care and patient understanding. If you feel that you might want to consider sedation dentists, then Norwich based Riverside Dental is here to help.

The relaxed, private environment ensures that you are given the very best care, both before and after the check up or dental work.

Intra venous sedation for dental surgery treatment

Information for patients

This page aims to help understand the treatment you are going to have and contains answers to many commonly asked questions. If you have any other questions or would like further explanation please ask.

What is intravenous (IV) sedation?

IV sedation is when a sedative is injected directly into a vein. If you are nervous about having dental treatment or you are having a procedure which may cause discomfort, IV sedation is a very effective and safe treatment.

Why do I need IV sedation?

It is an excellent way of helping you relax if you are nervous about dental treatment or you are having a procedure which may cause discomfort.

What are the benefits?

Whilst sedated, you will feel deeply relaxed and comfortable but you will still be able to understand and respond to the requests of your dentist and/or sedationist. You will feel detached and unaware of the procedure and this form of treatment is ideal for patients who are anxious of the noise and vibration of the dentist’s drill and/or the pushing and pressure sensation of a dental extraction or dental implant placement.

Are there any risks?

IV sedation is extremely safe when it is provided by a specially trained dentist.

IV sedation has four main effects;

  1. It will reduce your anxiety and make you feel relaxed.
  2. It will make you feel drowsy.
  3. It will make you feel detached from the procedure.
  4. It will result in partial or total loss of memory of the procedure.

Where will the treatment be carried?

The treatment will be carried out at Riverside Dental

What happens during IV sedation?

An extremely thin plastic tube (cannula) will be placed into a vein either in one of your arms or in the back of your hands. A sedative drug will then be injected, which will quickly make you feel drowsy and relaxed.

Throughout the procedure you will have a gadget clipped to your finger to measure your pulse and oxygen levels. Your blood pressure will be checked before and after the procedure.

As well as IV sedation, you will also be given local anaesthetic whilst you are sedated. This involves an injection in your mouth to numb the area that will be treated, and ensures that you will feel no pain during your treatment.

The length of time you will be sedated varies depending on the treatment you are having.


We must by law obtain your written consent. Staff will explain risks, benefits and alternatives before they ask you to sign a consent form. If you are unsure about any aspect of the treatment proposed, please do not hesitate to speak with a member of staff. You must confirm your consent for the procedure before treatment starts.

Do I need to prepare for IV sedation?

Pre- intravenous sedation instructions (please read carefully) 

  • Take your routine medicines at the usual times.
  • Have a light meal 2-3 hours before your appointment.
  • Do not consume any alcohol or any other recreational drugs.
  • Bring a responsible adult (escort) with you. This escort must be over the age of 18 and personally known to you. They must arrive and remain in the building with you for the duration of your appointment. They must be able to aid your recovery, escort you home and be in your company for the rest of the day. General Dental Council regulations do not allow us to send you home on your own.
  • Do not bring any children with you to your appointment and you cannot look after children for the rest of the day. Please make alternative arrangements.
  • Arrive in good time for your appointment (at least 10 minutes beforehand). Payment will be taken before you go in for your appointment.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes and loose sleeves allowing easy access to your upper arm and elbow region.
  • Please do not wear false nails, nail varnish or nail extensions.
  • Please bring with you any current medication, inhalers or sprays that you are using

What happens after IV sedation?

You will stay in our recovery area until you are considered ready to leave the clinic.

Post-intravenous sedation instructions (please read carefully)

Until the following day after you have had IV sedation:

  • Do not travel alone- travel home with your escort, by car or taxi if possible.
  • Do not drive or ride a bicycle or a motorcycle.
  • Do not look after children
  • Do not use machinery.
  • Do not drink alcohol or consume any other recreational drugs.
  • Do not return to work, make important decisions or sign legal documents.

We look forward to welcoming you for your treatment under intravenous sedation at Riverside Dental

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The practice is in a fantastic location in NR1 and benefits from free parking next door and is conveniently situated along Riverside Walk in between Norwich Station and Norwich City Football Club adjacent to the River Wensum. There are numerous buses that serve the practice with a major bus stop in Riverside Retail Park. For our less-abled patients, there is free parking right outside our front door.

"I brought myself to Dr Sawhney after a bad experience elsewhere involving the removal of a conspicuous tooth resulting in practical concerns and a loss of confidence. I was reassured by the quality of care and advice I received and was able to decide upon a dental implant with full knowledge of the costs and process, including the timescale of six months."

- Gary, Norfolk

“Dr. Sawhney has been excellent at recommending the correct treatments and ensuring I have had the best service possible. I would recommend Riverside Dental to everyone, especially nervous patients, as the staff could not make you feel more relaxed. I am now more confident in my appearance, which makes a hugh difference!”

- Harry, Cambridge

“Amazing dental practice who I have already highly recommended to all of my family and friends. Not only are all of the staff so helpful and friendly, but they have transformed my smile. I also recommend the Invisalign treatment as well as having bonding work, as Bim did an outstanding job! Thanks again.”

- Stuart, Suffolk