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Dental Implants Norwich, By Riverside Dental

dental implants norwich

For the very best care, dental implants and aftercare, contact Riverside Dental to discuss your dental implants.

Ok, so you are considering Dental Implants and live near Norwich or perhaps work in the area? It is always worth a visit to see the practice and meet our fantastic team before you choose your dentist and before your procedure.

On this page, we have provided some useful information on dental implants, the process, benefits and other useful facts.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are essentially a replacement tooth or teeth. They can be used to replace one missing tooth or several teeth, retain dentures and support small or large bridges. They are usually made up of three parts:

1) A hollow titanium screw (the “implant”) that replaces the root of the tooth and is placed into the healthy bone and allowed to integrate (join) to the bone.

2) A crown/bridge/denture abutment that sits on top of the implant.

3) A screw that links the crown/bridge/denture an abutment to the implant or the permanent component may be cemented in. There are many different implant systems, which are used today and so there could be slight variations in the above three elements, but the basic concept remains the same.

For dentures usually, four implants are needed to secure each denture. The denture is attached to the implants and can, therefore, be removed for easy cleaning, usually by magnets or clips.

What can they do?

Dental implants allow patients to enjoy the simple things that can be taken for granted when you lose teeth, for example, you can eat almost anything and have a natural looking smile at the same time. It will improve confidence no end and restore function. In the majority of cases, they are the best way to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

How long does the process take?

If a tooth is present which has broken/has an infection, this will be removed first. The bone/gum will then be given time to heal. This usually takes around 8-10 weeks but can take longer depending on the clinical situation. In the meantime, we will make a temporary bridge or denture if required, to ensure there is no unsightly gap. If there has been a space there for some a while, then the process is usually quicker as the healing has already taken place. Once the dental implant is paired, integration usually takes around 12 weeks, before they can be loaded (i.e. have the permanent component fitted on top).

It takes around 60 minutes to place one implant, with time saved if several implants are introduced at the same time. In some complex cases, it can take longer.

Two appointments are usually needed to place the permanent fixture (e.g. crown) on top. Further appointments for implant retained dentures or large bridges will be required.

I have seen “teeth in a day” advertised. What is this?

In some cases, the implant can be placed and loaded at the same time, either with a temporary or permanent crown. What this means is the process will finish sooner. Your surgeon can only make this decision based on your particular situation because it depends on factors such as; location, whether the implant site has an infection and cosmetics.

If your new dental implants are loaded (used) too soon, they can fail. Therefore it is usually better to wait a little longer to ensure success.

What makes the case complex?

Several things can increase the complexity and therefore the time and possibly, the cost:

– Reduced bone depth, width or quality requiring bone grafts before implant placement.
– Locations close to vital structures or nerves.
– Full arch and large space restorations involving modifying the bite.
– Multi-disciplinary cases involving other treatment as well as implants.

Is it painful?

Very experienced clinicians perform the treatment under local anaesthetic, so the procedure itself is not painful. It can be a little sore after the treatment. Full post-operative care provided and explained before the surgery.

How long do they last?

They usually last longer than most alternatives to dental implants, and with the right care and maintenance, they can last a very long time. Regular dental & hygiene visits are crucial to maintain the life of implants (and most guarantees will state this).

Can they fail?

Yes, like most treatments and procedures in health care, they can fail. Poor aftercare, inappropriate use and smoking can all increase the risk of failure as can poor placement technique. Therefore it is crucial that a suitably qualified clinician carries out both the implant and component placement on top.

What is the Cost of implants?

For an up-to-date indication of price, please see our price list. For each additional implant placed and restored, there are further savings. We also offer 0% finance, for further information, please view our finance calculator.

Please note the prices stated are for simple cases. Complex cases involving additional treatment will incur additional fees. A full written estimate of the dental implant cost and component on top will be given and agreed before any treatment being carried out.

What do our patients say?

“I ditched my NHS dentist around 2 years ago as they did not offer me the treatments I wanted. I came to Riverside Dental wanting some gaps filled and my other teeth sorted. Although it did cost me a fair bit, it was money well spent! The saying “you get what you pay for” could not be truer when it comes to the dentist!! I can smile confidently and love it!!”

DB May 2015

“Well, what can I say amazing! I had a lower denture replacing three teeth on each side and had enough of it as I couldn’t eat anything and it kept moving! I saw Dr Sawhney who advised me to have two dental implant supported bridges, to replace the denture. Six months later it is fantastic!! “They look like real teeth, and I can eat everything I want. Although I was advised not to, I threw my denture in the bin that same day!! Fantastic dentist, staff and practice. I cannot praise them enough. I should also mention how good the hygienists are; they make sure the implants and bridges are kept clean and give me tips to do the same. If you want implants this is the place to come, thank you all so much.”

WRD Jan 2017

How do I get further information?

For further information or to book a consultation with one of our highly experienced dentists please:
Contact us on 01603 920 313 or email us at
Pop into the practice and any member of staff will be happy to assist you

Are you a New Patient?

Book online for your first dental appointment. Existing patients call 01603 920313.

Our location - Norwich Dentist

The practice is in a fantastic location in NR1 and benefits from free parking next door and is conveniently situated along Riverside Walk in between Norwich Station and Norwich City Football Club adjacent to the River Wensum. There are numerous buses that serve the practice with a major bus stop in Riverside Retail Park. For our less-abled patients, there is free parking right outside our front door.

"I brought myself to Dr Sawhney after a bad experience elsewhere involving the removal of a conspicuous tooth resulting in practical concerns and a loss of confidence. I was reassured by the quality of care and advice I received and was able to decide upon a dental implant with full knowledge of the costs and process, including the timescale of six months."

- Gary, Norfolk

“Dr. Sawhney has been excellent at recommending the correct treatments and ensuring I have had the best service possible. I would recommend Riverside Dental to everyone, especially nervous patients, as the staff could not make you feel more relaxed. I am now more confident in my appearance, which makes a hugh difference!”

- Harry, Cambridge

“Amazing dental practice who I have already highly recommended to all of my family and friends. Not only are all of the staff so helpful and friendly, but they have transformed my smile. I also recommend the Invisalign treatment as well as having bonding work, as Bim did an outstanding job! Thanks again.”

- Stuart, Suffolk
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