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If you are thinking of going private – now’s the time to do it.

If you are thinking of going private – now’s the time to do it.

With the NHS facing a dental crisis and some patients waiting up to two years to be seen, now is the time to think about joining a private dental practice.

The watchdog said the Covid-19 pandemic has “exacerbated the human impact of years of structural issues in NHS dentistry and is now pushing it to crisis point.”

This makes it the perfect time to join a private dental practice and get the dental care you need. Below we have outlined some of the benefits of choosing a private practice:

Benefits of Private Practices:

  • More flexibility in regards to appointment times – Often offering evening and weekend appointments, meaning more readily available and also at a time convenient for you.
  • Availability – It is easier to find a private dental practice locally, most NHS practices are now scarce and patients need to travel further to obtain an appointment.
  • Allocate longer appointment times – Providing you with a more relaxed atmosphere and to allow dentists to spend the time needed without any time pressures.
  • Have a broader range of services.
  • Focus on the best – In private dentistry there is no worry in regards to funding, all time and money go into giving high-quality treatments.
  • Latest equipment, private practices are more likely to invest in the up to date technology and equipment.
  • Choice – often have the option of who you chose to see, is good for those patients who specifically want to see a female / male dentist.
  • Many private practices offer a Dental Plan, meaning you pay a monthly fee and this includes check-ups, hygiene visits, x-rays, fillings etc. (this will vary depending on the plan used). These treatment plans provide reassurance that your general dentist needs are taken care of without unexpected costs or charges.
  • Private practices also offer finance plans, giving you the opportunity to split the cost of your treatment over several months, leaving you with manageable payments and the treatment plan you desire.
  • Cosmetic treatments are much more widely available in private practice. Going private enables you to discuss with your dentist not only what the best treatment for you, but also which treatment will provide the best cosmetic result too.
  • There are no funding restrictions in private practices, meaning the focus is purely on the quality of treatment and using the highest standard of materials. This provides a wider choice of dental products and treatment better catered to your needs.

Finding a private dental practice you trust can be difficult, but is completely worthwhile. A private practice will always put you first and give you the full range of treatment options available to you – So if you are interested then please consider finding out more by giving the team at Riverside Dental a call on 01603 920 313

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