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Enamel regeneration breakthrough, could this be the end of tooth decay?

enamel regeneration story by sky news

Enamel regeneration breakthrough, could this be the end of tooth decay?

Enamel regeneration breakthrough, could this be the end of tooth decay? – Scientists claim it might be!

Dental researchers claim that they can now trigger the tooth enamel regeneration – the growth of crystals in a breakthrough which could have global implications – According to Sky News.

Developing a material that will help regenerate the tooths enamel and prevent decay and subsequent sensitivity. The hardest tissue on our teeth is enamel, this amazing coating can resist extreme temperatures, acidic foods and a variety of drinks. As we age and as a result of increasingly acidic diets, the tooth enamel – which cannot regrow leads to pain and tooth loss for roughly 50% of the world’s population.

The researchers at the Queen Mary University of London confirm that have developed a way to grow mineralised material which paves the way for regenerating hard tissues such as enamel and bones. – This exciting development means that cosmetic dentists, scientists and other academics are considering the wide-ranging benefits for the public.

How does enamel regeneration work?

It works which a unique protein that is able to trigger the growth of crystals, in a similar way to how crystals grow in laboratory solutions.

The research group believe that their work, recently published in the science journal nature communications, has the scope to be adopted in a number of ways for regenerative medicines.

According to Sky News: Dr Sherif Elsharkawy, a dentist and co-author of the study, said: “This is exciting because the simplicity and versatility of the mineralisation platform open up opportunities to treat and regenerate dental tissues.

Dr Sherif went on to say “For example, we could develop acid-resistant bandages that can infiltrate, mineralise, and shield exposed dentinal tubules (microscopic channels) in human teeth for the treatment of hypersensitivity.”

We all know that there are toothpaste’s in the market that claim to re-harden enamel and infill cavities, these kinds of toothpaste do in fact help and can reduce the effects of enamel degradation, so are a valuable tool to improving surface quality in mature teeth.

rotten teeth pictures by the sun

What of the dental implications for enamel regeneration?

Dr Bim Sawheny, Principal Dental Surgeon and owner of Riverside Dental Norwich, felt this fantastic development was worth comment and reporting on our blog posts.

“The implications of enamel mineralisation and re-growth are far-reaching, in my opinion with technology advancing as quickly as it is, within 20 years, dentists could be replacing teeth with laboratory-grown replacements or using enamel veneers to bond external surfaces. The results will be global improvements to dental health in later life.”

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