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Author: Simon

What happens if you don’t brush your teeth for 20 years

Find out on this page Image by channel 4 Reported by the and Embarrassing Bodies - Meet Jay, who admitted to eating the wrong foods and drinking far too many fizzy drinks As children it is drummed into us, the importance of brushing our teeth, of course, we have all tried our luck, but our parents' came at us with toothbrushes, and nearly all of us are now glad we listened to...

US Dental Patients, Cosmetic Tourists in Mexico

Mexico's 'Molar City' - Find out where Americans are going to get affordable dental treatments Dropping over the Mexican border Mexican dentists are offering treatment to those that can not afford the high prices in the US. There has been a lot of reports over the last 18 months about Mexicans trying to pass into the US, but less is reported on the considerable numbers of US citizens trying to go the...

Invisalign Case Study 2

This lovely lady came to us seeking help around 2 years ago. She had recently had teeth removed and a fixed metal brace placed on her upper and lower teeth. She was not made aware what the brace would look like and was horrified with the result after it was placed. She came to see us and asked whether we could do anything. We advised that Invisalign treatment should be able...