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Estimates for all Treatment

Please note that all fees are estimates and not quotations. When treatment is carried out, particularly involving laboratories processes, it is not possible to be exact with fees. Furthermore, as treatment progresses, removal of existing restorations can reveal the need for additional treatment, which cannot be anticipated until treatment has commenced.


The estimate given is based on no unforeseen pathology being found during your treatment. Please note any additional treatment would be charged separately and in addition to the estimated treatment. Please note that any additional treatment that becomes necessary during the proposed plan would be charged separately and in addition to the estimated treatment.

Any additional treatment will be explained to you should it arise and you will be given a new estimate of fees.




We accept cash or card (Mastercard or Visa) and payments are required as stated. Due to the length of appointments, single-use equipment and complexity, deposit payments will be taken in order to book appointments. You will be advised of the amount needed.

Appointment Cancellation Policy (For Smile Design/Long treatment)

To ensure the smooth running of the practice and to make sure your dentist is available to all of their patients in the most efficient manner possible, we operate the following policy in relation to changed or cancelled appointments:


• 24 hours notice must be given for appointments that are up to 2 hours in duration


• 48 hours notice must be given for appointments longer than 2 hours (ignore the text message reminder you will receive for these appointments as they are set at 24hrs and we cannot alter them)


• For Monday appointments notice must be given before 3pm on the Friday before


• Changes and cancellations occurring with less than the notice times specified above will result in your full deposit amount being lost irrespective of the amount paid


• If you fail to attend your appointment your deposit will be lost irrespective of the amount paid


• You will need to pay another deposit if you would like to rebook subsequently. General Points to Note


• Riverside is an exceptionally busy area most of the time but especially at peak times and school holidays. Please leave ample time to arrive and find parking. The whole appointment time is needed to ensure you get the best treatment. If you have an emergency please ring us immediately. If you are late, your appointment may need to be cancelled and your deposit will be lost.


• Please do not bring children, or anyone who relies on you to treatment appointments. They will not be allowed into the surgery with you and cannot be left in the waiting area unsupervised. The practice has state-of-the-art equipment and machinery and can be dangerous for unsupervised children.


• Family and friends are allowed to wait in the waiting area but not in the surgery.


• Please do not wear lipstick or denture glue to treatment appointments or please remove them in the patient toilet in good time. Both can be worn after the appointment.


• Riverside Dental Ltd will not be held responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items left at the practice during your visit. Please only bring what is necessary for you.

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