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New Year New You? But Does Teeth Whitening Work And Is It Safe?

does teeth whitening work

New Year New You? But Does Teeth Whitening Work And Is It Safe?

Does teeth whitening work? – In this article, we look at methods of whitening teeth and describe some of the controversial views surrounding this increasingly popular cosmetic procedure. To find out more on whitening services, please visit our Teeth Whitening page. 


DIY Teeth Whitening Kits

When you search the internet for teeth whitening, you find a vast number of home use DIY kits, designed to help you brighten your smile – some may even have incredible reviews which sound amazing! The reality is that many of these self-whitening kits are shipped from overseas locations and are not adequately tested or even conform to British Standards. In fact, some are even dangerous and could leave you with long-lasting effects such as burning gums, ulcers and damaged enamel. More detailed searches online will then reveal some of these horror stories behind these cheap kits. You might be lucky but is it worth the risk?  Why gamble with your health?


Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

Treatment by a dental professional is possible, but what does that cost? Well, it depends. Click here for teeth whitening costs at Riverside Dental, Norwich. Unlike DIY kits they check your suitability before conducting treatment. By choosing Riverside Dental, you are opting for a safe and controlled environment with the very best treatment from an award-winning dental practice. In addition, our practice principal, Dr Bim Sawhney, is a lecturer in Teeth Whitening and regularly trains other dentists.


The biggest issue can be frequency – Be warned!

When is too much, too much? Frequency can take its toll! Treatment from professionals, like at Riverside Dental, means that they can manage your ongoing treatment and complete a schedule which is right for you. They are qualified and have further training in cosmetic dentistry and successfully treat hundreds of cases every year. Your safety and comfort is their priority.


It is also important that you continue to follow post-treatment recommendations to maximise your results. Have a look at their gallery to see some of their cases or contact them for more information.


New Year New You – Get your bright white smile in 2019 at Riverside Dental

If you like the idea of getting that radiant, healthy, whiter smile in 2019 then find out more by speaking to one of our experienced staff or using the contact form on this website to register your interest.


Riverside Dental is a Norwich Dentist and our team are always happy to discuss treatments, and explain in more detail what is involved and provide some guidance and suggestions on the colour changes you may experience as a result of choosing the treatment.


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