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Why did I wait so long?! I’ve recently finished my Invisalign treatment after hating my teeth for years and I’m so thrilled with the results!

Sarah Gardener

WHAT'S INCLUDED IN your invisalign


Up to £300 OFF

Unlock your dream smile and save up to £300 – kickstart your journey to a confident new you this Christmas!

Treatment outcome simulator (worth £300)

After our Platinum Elite team has planned your treatment, you can visualise how your teeth will move and even see your end result.

All appointments and scans (worth £500)

To assess your progress and make any adjustments to treatment, this also includes 2 sets of refinement aligners.

Teeth whitening (worth £490)

Finish your smile off with our premium teeth whitening kit to give your smile that extra sparkle.

Retainers (worth £1,270)

3 sets of Vivera retainers (worth £720) AND fixed retainers (worth £550) to keep your teeth in their final position.

12 month aftercare (worth £300)

Discover the confidence that comes with our 12-month Invisalign follow-up care. Your long-term satisfaction is our commitment.

cost of invisalign treatment

Monthly 0% interest free


5% pay in full discount


Monthly, 12 months

(0% interest)

Monthly, 5 Years

(10.9% APR)


*Based on single arch with a £300 deposit

Treatment time

On average

6-18 months

Visualise your future smile

Invisalign treatment at Riverside Dental is made easier thanks to our investment in a cutting edge iTero scanner.

The iTero scanner is an innovative tool that can be used to create a comprehensive 3D image of your teeth in just a matter of minutes. Created by the makers of Invisalign, this leading digital scanner enables patients to avoid messy and uncomfortable putty impressions. The iTero scanner also takes more accurate measurements, which results in an aligner that fits more precisely and more comfortably. Using the scanner, you are able to see the original position of your teeth in high resolution 3D, and how your teeth are moving into their new and improved places.

An iTero scanning machine

invisalign® treatment at Riverside

  • Platinum Elite provider

    With more than 10 years of experience in Invisalign, your smile is in safe hands with Dr Bim Sawhney.

  • Over 10 million smiles

    More than 10 million people worldwide have put their trust in Invisalign and that number continues to rise.

  • Straighten your smile discreetly

    Made from clear medical-grade plastic and worn over the teeth like a mouthguard, Invisalign provides teeth straightening without any wires and brackets.

  • Cutting-edge technology

    Our digital iTero scanner allows us to create a 3D replica of your smile, eliminating the need for messy impression-taking.

  • Watch your teeth move

    Throughout the Invisalign process, we continue to take images of your teeth and using a time-lapse of the images, patients can see their teeth move.

  • Custom made

    Each removable aligner is custom made to move your teeth in tiny increments each day – gently, efficiently, and accurately.

  • Free teeth whitening

    Enjoy complimentary teeth whitening with our retainers to put the dazzle into your new smile (worth £490).

  • Interest-free payment plans

    Make Invisalign treatment more affordable with convenient 0% APR monthly payment plans.

  • Free Invisalign consultation

    Request your Invisalign consultation with our friendly treatment coordinator

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We are an award-winning Norwich dental practice

We have just been nominated for Aesthetic Practice 2023 and are delighted to have previously both won and been highly recommended for our services within dentistry. During our time we have:

  • Been awarded WhatClinic’s ‘Outstanding Customer Service’ award (for the last four year’s running)

  • Been voted in the ‘Top 3 Dental Practices in Norwich’ by ThreeBestRated

  • Been nominated for ‘Best Practice in the East’ at the National Dentistry awards.

  • We are an Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider

In addition to these accolades, we are pleased to share that Dr Bim Sawhney volunteered as the Official Dentist at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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Key questions people ask about

Invisalign and their answers

How does Invisalign work?

Unlike fixed braces, Invisalign utilises a series of clear aligners or trays to gradually move the teeth into their correct positions. Patients start their treatment by wearing their first aligner for around two weeks before swapping it out for the next aligner in the series and so on.
Each aligner is custom made and moves your teeth according to Dr Sawhney’s prescription. It’s important to wear your aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day so they can work their magic. By the time the last aligner has been worn, your teeth should be in their correct positions and you will have a smile to be proud of. A retainer will then need to be worn while the jawbone adjusts and the teeth settle into their new position. Without a retainer, the teeth are likely to revert to their original position undoing all of your hard work.

How often do I need to attend Invisalign appointments?

We will need to see you every 4 to 8 weeks to issue you with your new aligners and to check that everything is going to plan.

Does Invisalign hurt?

Just like traditional orthodontic treatment, you may experience some discomfort when you first wear aligners and this is due to the applied tension on the teeth and the very nature of orthodontic care. Many patients tell us that they feel discomfort whenever they switch aligners and this is a good sign because it shows they’re working properly. A top tip is to switch to your new aligners at bedtime as you probably won’t notice any discomfort for the hours that you’re asleep. The longer you wear your aligners, the more your mouth will adapt to them and any soreness will subside.

What are Invisalign aligners made from?

Part of the appeal of Invisalign is that they’re almost invisible. This is because they are made from a specially designed and patented thermoplastic material known as SmartTrack. This material is unique to Invisalign and is what stands them apart from traditional treatment options.

Can I eat with my aligners in place?

No, chewing on your aligners may damage and stain them. There is also the risk of food particles becoming trapped between your teeth and aligners, which could lead to tooth decay. Your aligners should always be taken out of your mouth for eating, and for drinking anything other than water.

How long does Invisalign treatment take?

It all depends on the individual and the complexity of their case. Some treatment can be completed in 6 months for others, the treatment time may be as long as 2 years. However, the average treatment time is 6 to 18 months.

Your smile designed by dr bim sawhney

In 2011, Bim set up Riverside Dental, his own private practice in a fantastic location in the heart of Norwich City. At Riverside Dental, he leads and teaches a team dedicated to excellence. Riverside Dental has been awarded WhatClinic’s ‘Outstanding Customer Service’ award for the last four year’s running and the practice was shortlisted as 'Best Practice (East)' at the Dentistry Awards.

Dr Bim and his orthodontic team have a special interest in adult orthodontics and are recognised as Invisalign Platinum Elite providers, an honour given to only a handful of dentists in the country once a certain number of Invisalign treatments have been completed. Bim already has one post-graduate Diploma from the Royal College of Surgeons and now is embarking on his second, this time in orthodontics (teeth straightening).

Request your consultation with our dedicated orthodontic team today to secure your savings and take the first step to a dream smile.


before and afters


Invisalign case study No.1

This patient did not like his crowded upper front teeth and was conscious that they overlapped, this also made cleaning the teeth and flossing almost impossible.

After Invisalign, the result is a broader, nicely aligned smile. The patient can smile confidently and his oral hygiene has been improved greatly.


Invisalign Case Study No.2

The patient was unhappy with every aspect of his teeth, the colour, the alignment and his uneven bite.

The patient started by straightening the teeth with our comprehensive Invisalign treatment. The teeth were then whitened and the two lateral incisors were restored using our bespoke and very popular ‘cosmetic bonding’ technique – this is a non-invasive way to reshape the teeth to a design that looks natural and cosmetically more pleasing


Invisalign case study No.3

This patient did not like her crowded upper and lower front teeth.

We used Invisalign to align her teeth and then whitened her teeth for free after. She was over the moon with the result and said it has improved her confidence no end!

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