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Invisalign Case Study 2

This lovely lady came to us seeking help around 2 years ago. She had recently had teeth removed and a fixed metal brace placed on her upper and lower teeth. She was not made aware what the brace would look like and was horrified with the result after it was placed.

invisalign norwich

She came to see us and asked whether we could do anything. We advised that Invisalign treatment should be able to straighten her teeth, however the case would be complex due to the amount of space closure necessary after the extractions.

She opted to have the Invisalign treatment due to the aligners being virtually invisible. As soon as the metal fixed brace was removed and the invisible clear aligners fitted she was extremely happy.

At the end of the treatment we whitened her teeth (free here at Riverside Dental with all Invisalign cases) and just look at the result! You would never know that she had had teeth removed. She is very happy with the result and so are we!!

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