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Dental Implants

Implant Case Study #1

The patient had a missing premolar tooth which was visible when she smiled and when speaking.

We work closely with a local implant specialist who places an implant into the bone. Once fully healed the implant was then restored with a crown by one of our dentists. The shade of the rest of the teeth was used to match the implant crown and the gap is now a thing of the past with no need for a bridge or denture.

Dental Implants

Implant Case Study #2

The patient had two missing teeth; a premolar and a back molar tooth. The patient did not want the hassle of wearing a removable denture to replace the gaps. The patient wanted a permanent and fixed cosmetic solution.

Two implants were placed in the bone by a local implant specialist. The implants were then restored with the highest quality porcelain crowns, designed by our dentist and constructed by our superb dental technician. The results are amazing-both implant retained crowns look like natural teeth! The patient was thrilled.

Dental Implants

Implant Case Study #3

The patient had a missing upper front tooth due to trauma. The patient was not happy to wear a denture long term as he wanted a fixed solution and not something he had to keep inserting and removing.

A specialist implantologist placed the implant into the bone under local anaesthetic. Our dentist who has many years experience in cosmetic dentistry, then designed the implant crown along with the highly skilled dental technician. The crown was custom made using the highest quality porcelain. The implant retained crown blends in well with his neighbouring natural tooth. The patient can now smile and function more confidently and he said it has really changed his life.

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Our location - Norwich Dentist

The practice is in a fantastic location in NR1 and benefits from free parking next door and is conveniently situated along Riverside Walk in between Norwich Station and Norwich City Football Club adjacent to the River Wensum. There are numerous buses that serve the practice with a major bus stop in Riverside Retail Park. For our less-abled patients, there is free parking right outside our front door.

"I brought myself to Dr Sawhney after a bad experience elsewhere involving the removal of a conspicuous tooth resulting in practical concerns and a loss of confidence. I was reassured by the quality of care and advice I received and was able to decide upon a dental implant with full knowledge of the costs and process, including the timescale of six months."

- Gary, Norfolk

“Dr. Sawhney has been excellent at recommending the correct treatments and ensuring I have had the best service possible. I would recommend Riverside Dental to everyone, especially nervous patients, as the staff could not make you feel more relaxed. I am now more confident in my appearance, which makes a hugh difference!”

- Harry, Cambridge

“Amazing dental practice who I have already highly recommended to all of my family and friends. Not only are all of the staff so helpful and friendly, but they have transformed my smile. I also recommend the Invisalign treatment as well as having bonding work, as Bim did an outstanding job! Thanks again.”

- Stuart, Suffolk
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